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Mulinetti is a residential village located within the municipality of Recco. It is considered the "rich" part of Recco  due to many villas with spectacular sea views. In addition to the elegance of residential buildings, it is also known abroad for its beautiful rocky inlets .
The town probably arose in the Middle Ages, when the first settlements of Benedictine monks formed along the Ligurian coast, spreading the cultivation of oil and vines; the toponymy of the town evokes the presence of two hydraulic mills, located in the valley of the Rio Sonega, designed to operate the millstones and presses of the mills; the latter still present but powered by electricity

Camogli distance 3 Km

Typical fishing village known for its small port and its colorful waterfront buildings. The colors and the lighter horizontal lines of the houses (called "marcapiano") were used by the local sailors to recognize their home upon return after fishing.

In 1913, according to a fashion whose most striking example is the promenade of Nice, the buildings facing the sea were demolished creating the promenade, with the rotunda in lictorian style. We recommend visiting the abbey of San Fruttuoso which can be reached either by boat or by foot  through the natural park of Monte di Portofino, famous and appreciated throughout the world for its nature trails. don't miss a visit and possible immersion to see the christ of the abysses facing the abbey

Genova distance 20Km

Genoa is a port city and is the principal town of the Liguria region. It is known for its important role in maritime trade over many centuries. In the historic center, the largest in Europe, there is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Romanesque style with a black and white striped façade and frescoed interiors as well as countless historic buildings called the rolli. Narrow streets lead to monumental squares such as "Piazza de Ferrari", with the characteristic bronze fountain and the Carlo Felice opera house. Do not miss a visit to the ancient port (Expo Area ') and the aquarium. the art collections and picture galleries of the white palace, the red palace and the royal palace are extremely important. very suggestive is the "corso italia" promenade that connects the city center to the characteristic seaside village of boccadasse.

Golfo del tigullio distance 10Km 

Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo can be reached by car in just 15 minutes along the beautiful and panoramic via aurelia.

Portofino, born as a small fishing village, has become over the years an exclusive destination for the international jet set, famous for its exclusive boutiques and renowned restaurants overlooking the cobbled Piazzetta where you can admire luxurious megayachts and famous people. from Portofino it is possible to walk to the towns of Santa Margherita and Rapallo with breathtaking views of the famous coves including the beautiful bays of "paraggi"  and "san michele di pagana".

We recommend visiting Sestri Levante with the beautiful alley of the historic center and the spectacular bay of silence.

Le Cinque Terre distance 80Km 

The Cinque Terre are one of the most beautiful Italian natural Mediterranean areas in the eastern part of the Ligurian coast characterized by the presence of five ancient villages (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Riomaggiore and Manarola) that overlook a crystalline sea , Beaches and rugged coastlines of unparalleled charm that combine with a vast network of trails on breathtaking views. The Cinque Terre were included in 1997 by UNESCO in the "World Heritage List".

They are easily reachable by car, train or boat with daily departures from Recco and neighboring coastal towns.

We recommend visiting the nearby villages of Portovenere and Lerici that overlook the Gulf of Poets and the "palmaria" island.

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